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Island Invasives: Eradication and Management Conference

The University of Auckland, Tamaki Campus was the centre of attention for over 240 people from 25 countries in early February 2010, getting into the fine detail of ‘Island Invasives; eradication and management.’

The CBB hosted the international conference.  Mick Clout, Director for the CBB, said the conference expanded on the theme of another successful one on this subject, held at the University nine years ago.

“New Zealand is regarded as a world leader and a source of expertise in eradicating introduced flora and fauna from islands,” he said.

“Islands are particularly vulnerable as they often have species which are not able to deal with introduced predators.  We discussed work being carried out in New Zealand and elsewhere where there have been big advances in the size of the islands from which invasive species can be eradicated. 

“For instance, the New Zealand Department of Conservation is eliminating stoats and deer from Resolution Island in Fiordland, which is larger than the area of Auckland.  Similarly ambitious programmes are now being planned on islands around world. “

The Conference also looked at the benefits that arise from successful eradications of invasive species from islands, such as restoring their native flora and fauna.

Several talks highlighted the social dimensions of eradications, with projects often being carried out on islands where people live.

To download abstracts from the Conference, click herePDF file

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